Group Volunteering at Safe Haven

Waiver of Liability and Confidentiality Policy

- Signature to be collected on next page or screen with individual signature acting on behalf of group volunteering. -   

Waiver of Liability - 

I agree that my volunteer participation with Safe Haven is voluntary and assume all risks in connection with the volunteer activity including transportation to and from volunteer activity and hereby expressly forever release Safe Haven Family Shelter from any claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action whatsoever for any acts of active or passive negligence on the part of Safe Haven Family Shelter or the site where the volunteer activity is occurring.

Confidentiality Policy -  

Volunteers of Safe Haven Family Shelter will treat all personal information shared by program participants (e.g. shelter resident, HiSET participant)  with confidentiality.  Such information will not be released to outside parties or agencies without a written release or verbal consent of the program participant witnessed by a staff member, with parents providing this permission for their minor children. Further, Safe Haven Family Shelter reserves the right to permit volunteers to share pertinent information about program participants with Safe Haven Family Shelter staff, board and volunteers if not sharing such information would impact the health or safety of program participants, volunteers or staff. Volunteers are required by law to report the following to appropriate authorities without a program participant's consent. Safe Haven Family Shelter's process for this is such that volunteers should report the following to a staff member and the staff member report to the Executive Director who will report the information to the appropriate authorities. 
  • Information and or accusation of child abuse.
  • Threats of harm to self and or others.
  • Information concerning crimes committed on agency property against program participants, staff, volunteers or against agency property.  
At no time may volunteers capture media (photo, video, etc.) of program participants. 

If volunteers are interested in youth-specific volunteer activity, they must submit to a background check. Background checks may not be collected for groups beyond 6.